Travis Lee presenting on why accessible design is important
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Our team is devoted to teaching accessibility to a wide range of departments on our campus in hope that we can create a more sustainable and accessible environment.

Accessibility Evaluation

Individuals with disabilities must have the same access to education and information that every other person has. While the web has created tremendous potential for access to information by individuals with disabilities, certain graphics, tables and other web features make web pages unusable to some people with vision impairments, learning disabilities and hearing impairments. To ensure that a website is usable by everyone, careful thought about accessibility issues is necessary. The DCP will: 

  • Track new access guidelines, mandates, and their implications, and make the information available to the campus

  • Inform campus web publishers of web accessibility standards

  • Provide detailed, written accessibility evaluations on existing web sites

  • Work with campus web publishers to correct accessibility problems on their existing sites

  • Work with campus web publishers who are creating new web sites to ensure their accessibility is built in

  • Provide suggestions on how to maximize the accessibility of web sites while ensuring that the site meets all of your other goals


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