Accessible Purchasing

UCLA Purchasing Accessibility Reviews

The Disabilities and Computing Program (DCP) is excited to announce that accessibility reviews will now be inherently built into the UCLA Purchasing Triage process along with UCLA Security and Privacy.  These streamlining efforts will create a “one-stop shop” for purchasing requests, the GRC Triage Form for Security, Privacy, and Accessibility.

We recognize that many people are new to accessibility and we want to make the review process as seamless and stress-free as possible.  Therefore, we HIGHLY recommend that you review the Purchasing Triage Accessibility Guide for specific advice on how to thoroughly, accurately, and completely fill out the accessibility section.  Optimization and accuracy is the best way to get the quickest turnaround in an accessibility review.  If you do not complete the questions to the fullest, expect a delay.  We recommend starting this process AT LEAST  6-8 weeks before a purchasing deadline.  Twelve weeks is the ideal timeframe for these requests. The duration will largely depend on the quality of information provided by the requesting department and vendor.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with inquiries.


Need to Know

Warning:  The Purchasing Triage process does not guarantee reimbursements. If you need special considerations please discuss with the UCLA Purchasing department. 

Please contact Campus Purchasing for reimbursement options. 


Phone: (310) 794-6029

We HIGHLY recommend that you follow these processes before commencing work and/or development.  The DCP, Security, Privacy, and Purchasing departments are not responsible for payment/contract issues that occur because of a lack of following the official UCLA process.


General Accessibility Inquiries

If you would like to reach out with inquiries, please contact us:

UCLA DCP Team Email:

Phone:  (310) 206-7133

Please note that email is more effective and efficient since our office is still doing a COVID-conscious staged return to in-person work.