Outreach & Socials

In addition to our technical digital accessibility work, our department feels very strongly that disability culture and outreach is paramount to our efforts.  Please explore our blog, YouTube channel and social media accounts to keep up with our news, updates, educational resources and creative content.


The DCP blog has fantastic articles written by our departments students and staff about everything from disability news to personal perspectives.  Thank you for learning more about our community and our thoughts and experiences.  

YouTube Channel

The DCP YouTube channel is filled with technical resources, interviews, creative content, and student projects.  We are extremely excited to share this with you all.


The DCP Instagram is the best place to find updates about our events, opportunities, and disability awareness topics.  Check us out and please follow!

Contact Us!

Please feel free to contact us either call or email us with accessibility questions or to request an accessibility consultation.*

Disabilities and Computing Program
4909 Math Sciences
Phone: (310) 206-7133
Email: dcp@oarc.ucla.edu

*currently email is preferred as our staff is still on a staggered return-to-office plan so returning phone calls will be delayed.


For Academic Accommodations

The DCP is not the office for student accommodations.  Please follow the CAE directions to apply for accommodations.  For additional CAE inquires please contact the CAE at (310) 267-2007 or in-person at A255 Murphy Hall 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.