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SensusAccess is a file format-converting service that UCLA has licensed for current UCLA students, faculty, and staff. Use of this service is free. It is a particularly useful tool for individuals with disabilities needing access to specific file formats. This service is available to all current UCLA students, staff, and faculty.

Getting Help

For support, please contact with questions or comments about this service.


  • User must have a valid email address to access the service.

Convert your file

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SensusAccess Service


  • User uploads file through the form above
  • SensusAccess processes the information sent by the user
  • Converts it to the specified file format
  • Sends the converted file to the user via an email attachment or link

SensusAccess aims to provide accurate conversion results, but neither the University nor SensusAccess can guarantee such results. Stanford provides a helpful best practices guide on structuring initial content for optimal conversion results.

File Formats

See form above for allowed input formats or check the conversion matrix. Output formats include:

  • Digital braille
  • mp3 audio files
  • Daisy audio books
  • e-books

Confidential Data

This service must not be used with sensitive or private information. Please refer to the UCLA SensusAccess Data Use Agreement for details.

SensusAccess deletes documents once processed. Some files, however, are accessed via a link (instead of an email attachment) to their servers. Those files are available via the link for seven days, then deleted.

There is always some risk that information sent by the end user will be inadvertently disclosed to others. Neither the University nor SensusAccess can be held responsible for any information submitted that is disclosed to unauthorized third parties and/or subsequently misused.


All copyright provisions apply to the use of the SensusAccess service. You must have appropriate copyright permission to upload materials to SensusAccess (i.e., you own the copyright, you are using the material under fair use or the disabilities provisions of copyright law).

Note that the resulting file likely has the same copyright restrictions as the original.

Please refer to the UCLA Technology Development Group’s All About Copyright to determine whether a particular use falls under the Fair Use provisions of copyright law.

If you are a UCLA student and are using the service for converting course materials for your course, then you may use the service under fair use.