The Disabilities and Computing Program lab is located in Room 4919 Math Sciences Building. Math Sciences is visible just north of Boelter Hall and north of lot 9 on the campus map (see E-4). A larger map of the entire UCLA campus and surrounding area is available here. Driving directions to UCLA may be helpful.

Note: Los Angeles traffic conditions are very unpredictable. We strongly recommend that you allow at least one hour travel time to campus when coming from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) vicinity.

Freeway Directions

From LAX Airport

  • Follow signs to Century Blvd.
  • Take Century Blvd. to the 405 Freeway North
  • Exit the 405 on Wilshire Blvd., heading East (to Westwood).

From the South

  • Take the 405 Freeway North
  • Exit the 405 on Wilshire Blvd., heading East (to Westwood).

From the North

  • Take the 405 Freeway South
  • Exit the 405 on Wilshire Blvd., heading East (to Westwood).
  • Once you exit from the freeway merge into the left-hand lane on Wilshire Blvd. as soon as possible so that they can make it to the left turn lane for Westwood Blvd.

Once on Wilshire Blvd.

  • Continue east to Westwood Blvd. (main campus entrance).
  • Turn left (north) on Westwood Blvd.
  • Continue north to the parking information kiosk (center island between Circle Drive and Strathmore).
  • Request parking in lot 9 (Parking is $6). If there are questions, ask the attendant to call x67133. Ask the attendant for a map, and ask them to point out the Math Sciences Building on the map.
  • When you have obtained your parking permit, ask the parking attendant to point out Lot 9 to you. Parking Lot 9 is very close to the kiosk.

From Lot 9 to the Math Sciences Addition

  • Park on the rooftop level of Parking Structure 9
  • Exit from the East side of the parking structure (across a small pedestrian bridge to a large open plaza, refer to your map).
  • Turn north (left) immediately after the bridge, and continue walking past Boelter Hall (long building on your left) all the way to a breezeway between buildings (there will be vending machines on your right).
  • Once you are in the Breezeway, enter the glass doors on your left (west, these doors are directly opposite the vending machines). You’ll enter a Lobby on the fifth floor of the Math Science Building (MS).
  • Continue west through the second set of open double doors.
  • Continue west following the hallway past a slight jog to the left (south).
  • Take the stairwell on the right (or turn the corner to reach the elevator), one floor down and exit. You will enter on the fourth floor of the Math Sciences Building. Follow the hallway to the right and you will see the DCP Lab on the left (4919 Math Sciences Building). If the door is locked, go back and knock on the DCP Office door (4909 Math Sciences).

Call (310) 206-7133 or 67133 from any campus phone if you have difficulty with these directions.

Additional Information