Making Popular Web 2.0 Sites More Accessible

Web designer Christian Heilmann has reworked the interfaces for Youtube and Flickr. (“hacking the API” sounds so ugly! …) He has simplified the screens and added several accessibility features, most useful for users with learning disabilities or visual impairment.

Easy Flickr has a very simple search interface. Pictures are displayed one at a time. (Keyboard-accessible Next and Previous buttons were added shortly after the original launch of the service.) Easy Flickr can be hosted on other servers (using PHP and cURL). The author provides background info about Easy Flickr.

Easy Youtube is more robust. It offers accessible controls for the media player, a more manageable display of search results, and even a way to send someone a specific playlist. It requires users to have Javascript running. Web administrators can download the player and host it on their web servers. Heilmann’s June 12 update contains all the details on Easy Youtube.


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